Help!! Grip removal/ installation???
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Thread: Help!! Grip removal/ installation???

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    Help!! Grip removal/ installation???

    Hello! I just picked up an XCR and I'm trying to install the new Ergo grip i just picked up for it. I read that the allen key is a 3/16ths however I have tried and it doesn't seem to be the correct size!

    Also, do I need to know anything special when I actually get the grip off?

    Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!



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    Re: Help!! Grip removal/ installation???

    Are we having DB errors again? 3 different posts with the same content but different topic.......................

    Not sure what the allen wrench size is but you do not have a T handle set to try another?
    Once you get the grip off make sure you try the screw you want to use before trying to do it with the ERGO, as the thread pitch might be different and you do not want to cross thread the hole.

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    Re: Help!! Grip removal/ installation???

    As Merlin says, use the screw comes off the XCR as the Ergo screw will be for an AR, not the same.
    Also, if you are not familiar with "black rifles", there is a small spring and detent, that are for the safety selector. They are installed through a small hole that is covered by the grip. So when you remove the original grip, just have the rifle upside down, and remove it slowly so that the spring doesn't jump out. Make sure that it compresses correctly without a kink when you reinstall the new grip.
    Sorry I cant help with the allen size, just fish around till you gat the right one.
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