GPS-02 Grip Pod
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Thread: GPS-02 Grip Pod

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    GPS-02 Grip Pod

    Anybody have any experience with this? I am considering getting one for my XCR (18.6" barrel); there are also other similar type products out there however, I like the look of the Grip Pod best, plus it seems to function fine in the Brownell's Video (Grip Pod). Any comments, suggestions will be appreciated

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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    It's a good product from my experience. I think it'll work fairly well for you.
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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    I have one and like it fine. I would say the cons are it is a bit long and it a bit heavy. Pros are that is functions as and excellent bi pod and is great going from any position to prone in a hurry.
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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    I have a couple and really like them. They're well built and sturdy.

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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    Current Army issue. I see guys/gals running around with them mounted to their M4's.

    If you need a VFG/bipod, this one works great.

    I have this one as well as the Wilcox one and can attest that this one weighs considerably less then the Wilcox.

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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    Quote Originally Posted by gr8santini View Post
    I have a couple and really like them. They're well built and sturdy.
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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    I have them and love them. I actually have a spare one that I bought and am not using that I will sell for less than brownells is asking. PM me if interested.
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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    Check the boards on ARF or CalGuns, a member named palidin sells the GPS-2 version for $50 delivered. I have bought a few from him, and so have many others. Yes, they are the real deal.....

    Here is a link to his CalGuns (same name on ARF)

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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    I've got one too. The only thing I wish it had was a quicker release system (turning a thumbscrew is so old-school ;D). No, really it works well, is built solid but it is a little weighty.


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    Re: GPS-02 Grip Pod

    I just bought one of these Ebay item# 320521342532. They don't name it by brand, but by comparison of appearance and dimensions, it looks like the FAB T-Pod. I guess this one looks a little more functional to me than the ones that snap out of the bottom (although the non-adjustable ones are considerably less expensive). The panels on the sides also slide off to accommodate pressure switches. There's 2 left, and it seems like a good deal as the average going price is around $80. I paid $36.99 shipped.

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