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    Rubber grip

    I have bigger hands and want to slap on a new grip. I'm a big fan of the rubber Hogue I put on my Sig P229. I was thinking of going with the Hogue for the XCR too, but I'm dubious of their durability.

    My question is, how do the rubber grips hold up over time? And I don't mean under nice range circumstances like my pistol gets. I mean how do they hold up under conditions operators face? I'm sure I could do a MIAD with the large backstrap and some grip tape, but I'm looking for input on how the rubberized hold up. The XCR is my "doomsday" rifle and I'd hate for my post-apocalyptic Utopia to be ruined by failing rubber grips! ;D
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    Re: Rubber grip

    I have one on mine and while I've not dragged the rifle behind our F-350 down a gravel road at 50 mph,I'd say it should hold up pretty well.If in doubt buy a few spares,it's not like they are that expensive.If you like O.D. CDNN has them for $10.
    If you have large hands I think the ERGO might be a better choice simply because it's larger circumference fills the hand better.I had one on my XCR,but I like how the Hogue places my finger on the trigger better.

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