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Thread: Brass Catcher?

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    Re: Brass Catcher?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
    That one worked well, but you have to mess with for a minute to get it just right, needed some fluffing, it was kind of flat from being in the box.
    I have that one too and have had to do same thing. When you put it back in your bag, it gets flat again so it takes continous use to get it to "fluff" like you said and not block the ejector port. I do run mine with it half zippered in the bottom so it drops the cases out when you are not moving around much. Sometimes the hot cases get stuck to the mesh but has not been a big problem. It works great for XCR, AR, etc.
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    Re: Brass Catcher?

    Just find a old copy paper box and stand it upright. Put an sand bag in the bottom and call it good

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    Re: Brass Catcher?

    I just bought a 6.8 , so today was the first day out with it. After losing around 4 brass I started looking at some way of keping them a "little" closer. What I did was use a small mesh bag, cut two slits at the zippered end at the top and velcro'ed it around the scope. One attachment point at the front of the scope, one at the back. the expended brass bounced off and fell, usually straight down. The bonus was I can still use the bag for storing my knee pads when I'm done.

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    Picked up a tactical brass recovery brass catcher a while ago. U.S. made excellent piece of equipment.

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    I have a Coldwell catcher works great on my xcr

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    Quote Originally Posted by werewolf View Post
    Picked up a tactical brass recovery brass catcher a while ago. U.S. made excellent piece of equipment.
    Checking it out, ty.

    Edit: Between the E&L Manufacturing e.Store - Universal Brass Catcher and the TBR bass catchers it's a tough. Both look leaps and bounds above my Coldwell.
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    I ended up giving Tactical Brass Recovery a try, despite their silly use of the T word.

    - QD side rail attachment allows installation and removal in seconds and easily swaps to another rifle quickly without the purchase of additional rail adapters.
    - Flexes to allow access to ejection port
    - Remains clear of all operating controls
    - Folds flat/light weight

    - It is mostly plastic construction. While it seems tough enough to do the job at the range, I won't be taking it overseas to use on my duty weapon. I don't think it'd last there more than a week. Not so "Tactical" after all...
    - Pricey, however it does help that no extra adapters are required for use on a 2nd, and 3rd firearm. It's also made in the USA by a personally owned small business.

    For me, after all the work involved with brass prep, especially military cases, the unit is worth the expense if it catches every piece and doesn't get in the way of the weapon functioning properly. I'll take it to the range this weekend to see how it works. FWIW, Lew, the owner, was very pleasant to deal with and provides a discount for all of you mil/leo folks.

    QD Rail Fitting
    Brass Catcher?-photo-feb-12-19-15-11.jpg
    Bag doesn't get in the way of any controls
    Brass Catcher?-photo-feb-12-19-14-32.jpg
    Easily pushed outwards for access to the ejection port
    Brass Catcher?-photo-feb-12-19-14-53.jpg
    Folds more or less flat
    Brass Catcher?-photo-feb-12-19-13-49.jpg
    Almost entirely plastic. The only metal appears to be the small nuts & bolts securing the bag and the QD fitting. This keep the unit light but time will tell how long it stands up to abuse.
    Brass Catcher?-photo-feb-12-19-13-57.jpg

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    Fitted my TBR (Tactical Brass Catcher) to my XCR-M today at the range, it run flawlessly... I've used this brass catcher on multiple weapon platforms ie. AR15's (5.56/300BO), AR10's, FN FAL's and it just works!
    I've tried other catchers, they cause stoppages and are junk compared to the TBR catcher. Well worth the $ in my opinion.
    Brass Catcher?-20180812_193843_1534072770982.jpg

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