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    New XCR Pistol

    Wanted to do a mini "unboxing" of my new XCR since there aren't a lot of pistol pictures on the site:

    It arrived in a full sized rifle case

    Inside is the pistol itself, a 30-rd magazine, manual, and a business card from Kermit. Not sure if it's on purpose, but the manual looks like they tried to make it look like an old school Army field manual, thought it was a cool touch.

    For a size comparison, here it is between a 14.5" AR and an RFB, both of which dwarf the pistol. I knew it'd be small but I still can't get over just how small it really is.

    Before anyone says "SBR that thing already!", here ya go. Form 1 & Check were filled out before the pistol arrived, was just waiting on the Serial number. Had it in the mail off to the BATF&E the morning after picking it up. I love the idea that the SBR will be the same overall length as it is now with the stock installed and folded. You really couldn't make this package much more compact.

    Kudos to Kermit, his reputation is what it is for a reason. Smooth transaction and easy to communicate with. Now I just can't wait to get the Form 1 approved and the wifey to give me thumbs up on a 7.62 SDN-6 and a 300 BLACKOUT conversion in the not too distant future.

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    Re: New XCR Pistol

    Thanks for the pictures. I got myself one from Kermit couple months ago as well. Great little gun once I got it running right.

    You'll have fun with it!!
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