My XCR-L with a few accessories
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Thread: My XCR-L with a few accessories

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    My XCR-L with a few accessories

    Hi guys. I've been a lurker for a while. I'll chime in time to time or ask a question. I started looking into a "primary" rifle for quite some time. Was dead set on the ACR, and found this puppy for a good deal. On the advice of a couple of other folks, I went for it. I've spent the past 6 months equipping it exactly how I want and even picked up a 7.62x39 conversion with the heavy barrel last week (I have a Norinco AK as well.) I'm more than happy with it and don't see selling or trading this rifle for anything else in the near future.

    Here's my current setup:
    My XCR-L with a few accessories-7171_579036821321_1407544991_n.jpg

    Me at the range (my USMC sweatshirt from the Island improves accuracy.)
    My XCR-L with a few accessories-525306_579548351211_1357751931_n.jpg

    And because I'm sure most of us love girls with guns, my lovely wife with her new M&P-15 and DTOM decal. (Would love to get her an XCR, but can't find/afford one right now, and the M&P has been a good quality AR for my brother, plus it's a bit lighter.)
    My XCR-L with a few accessories-24620_579649363781_1201577459_n.jpg

    My daughter is happy having her second amendment as well :-)
    My XCR-L with a few accessories-65121_570331980891_1885409994_n.jpg

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    Congrats and enjoy your Family and XCR.

    "Be Vigilant and Safe!!"
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    Its quite a rifle once they are running well.


    BTW, the DTOM decal in pink works!! My wife was looking over my shoulder when I read this post and now she wants one
    "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." - Pres. A. Lincoln

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    Picked that one up on eBay for like $4 I think. As soon as her new black Magpul furniture comes in, we're getting it hydro-dipped. She actually shoots her guns, the AR makes her 4th one. So far my XCR has run well, round count is about 400 now with very minimal issues. I still need to upgrade my trigger, but it's got the newer gas system.

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    Very nice

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    nice furniture

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    nice daughter


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