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Thread: Some Shooting XCR Inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRASH -CAF- View Post
    Matt, I'm curious as to why you use the charging handle on the 14, but the bolt hold-open on the XCR to release the bolt on a newly inserted magazine. If you're willing to use the XCR's BHO for release, why not the bolt stop on the 14? Be it charging handle or bolt stop, why not use the same technique regardless of firearm?

    Also, while you don't do it every time, your practice of "two shots then change mags" seems like a real habit. This is your only video I've seen, so I'm sure there's a lot I don't know about your training/practice habits, but I'd hate like Hell for you to get your ass shot off, only for the authorities to find a 30-rd PMAG lying next to you with 28 rounds still in it.
    The m14(m1a) doesn't have a bolt release like other semi-autos, there is aftermarket bolt releases through, maybe on day, but I like the current setup, it's not my go to rifle, just a fun 308 that I hunt and plink with, I don't run drills or classes with it normally.

    I only loaded 2 rounds per mag for the vid, for dramatics so to speak, the average YouTube viewers attention span is 15 seconds, soooo. But thanks for the concern

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    Quote Originally Posted by NukMed View Post

    Saw you first on the M14 forum.
    Ha! What are the odds we both have an XCR and an M1A and frequent the same forums?
    Welcome to the XCR forum!
    Thanks!! We must have the same disorder

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