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Thread: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.

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    Re: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.


    Had the PLEASURE of experiencing the SBR XCR, sending three full magazines down range last night (yes - night) because Roy had to shine the lights of the truck onto the target.

    My first impression?


    My first (30) rounds at approximately 25 yards - moderate rapid fire - were grouped about 3.5" - 3.75" according to the tape measure. I had one low left flyer, which I believe was a result of my initial (foolish) over compensation and anticipation of muzzle climb - which was NOT THERE. Squeeze the trigger, wait 1 second and let her settle back down.

    Second and third volleys were similar, but clearly not as tight because I was working with the light only (Roy shut off the truck lights) and I (personally) found the Aimpoint filter to be a distraction with the red dot / light at night. That was all ME and not the weapon nor the light. The Pentagon is indeed very bright, and the combination is an excellent tactical configuration.

    The XCR performed flawlessly - save for one stovepipe - which again was ME and not the XCR. A simple assist from Range Master Roy, and I was back in business - with spent cases hurling through the darkness, about 4-5 yards to the right.

    I did not notice ANY muzzle flash while firing, even though I fully expected a show with the SBR and low-light conditions.

    I next observed Roy sending (60) rounds down range - and muzzle flash with the Vortex flash hider was MAYBE an inch out the end of the barrel. My Rock River with 16" barrel and bird cage, puts a nice 3" flash out the end - so I am indeed impressed - and expect Roy's AAC suppressor to all but eliminate any muzzle flash.

    I took my checkbook - but after much deliberation, opted for a sweet Aussie Arms deal on a new SIG P220 Elite / Nitron with the SRT package.

    YES - I WILL HAVE AN SBR XCR, but committed funds to the P220 - having made that decision a while back, after putting the first magazine into a sub 2.5" group at 15 yards. The P220 is the most accurate pistol I've ever shot - even better than my old Gold Cup National Match. But nuff said bout dat cause this is the XCR forum!

    Thank you Roy for the opportunity to enjoy some time range the newest addition to the family, and I encourage anyone who has any reservation about a short barrel configuration to disregard any reluctance and GET ONE. You won't be sorry.

    Mine will have the AAC M4-2000 on it and life will be good.
    Certified SIG SAUER Armorer

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    Re: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.

    Aussie, thanks for the report. Glad you like the rifle!. I'm surprised at the push back they gave you on the 11" barrel. I stated in my range report from the carbine class that I had to run a certain ammo, really hot stuff. But now with that new gas block I run it at 2 even on the stuff that wouldn't cycle before. That gas block fixed everything, so 11" is no issue at all. Even with that sissy white box stuff. Like the photos btw, love the depth of field or lack thereof. When the 7.62 is avail I will be running it at 11". I'll just have my smith cut it.

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    Re: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.

    BTW, Aussie, is that bolt gun a .308? And did you paint that. Couldn't help but notice it. I like it. I just completed painting my Rem 700 last week.

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    Re: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.


    Yes that's a Remington 700 Police model in .308, with a Krylon paint job. The paint is functional, quite hard wearing, and cheap as I need to change the colors with the seasons.

    thanks for the photo review ;D I chose a larger aperture to reduce depth of field. I like it!

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    Re: SBR XCR First Outing! Photos and Mini Range Report.

    When you cut a barrel to 11" do you have to take off the front sight and open up the port hole? I also want a 11 or 11.5" barrel when my SBR paper work get approved.

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