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    Re: Information

    Quote Originally Posted by LurpyGeek View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by gr8santini View Post
    That stainless steel barrel looks purdy!
    I would guess that it's not stainless, but what do I know?
    Don't care.. tis shiny ;D
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    Re: Information

    It's purty but it would be even better if the barrel were black but stainless underneath so when you have it fluted it's two tone.Stainless flutes,blackened barrel.

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    Re: Information

    I look forward to the day the [size=8pt]unavailable[/size] disappears from the accessories ordering page on

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    Re: Information

    Terra, is there any chance of the 6.5 specs being modified like Les Baer is doing for his new 6.5.
    If your not aware, he has made some mods to increase pressure and hence saftey margins and velocity.
    Has that mod been discussed around your shop? If not, please consider it.
    Les has even made public the chamber specs (this was found of the benchrest forum):

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    Re: Information

    Glad to hear its up and running well. Any feedback on groups with it?

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    Re: Information

    I will post more info as I get it.

    Remy - of course I will
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    Re: Information

    Steve needs to pull the trigger faster.

    I'll fly out there and get you through those 5,000 rounds in an afternoon.

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    Re: Information

    Need help on pulling the trigger 5000 times.
    I would fly out and help with that also.
    I also agree, get it right before it comes out.

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    Re: Information

    Thanks Terra!
    Defensor Fortis

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    Re: Information

    I still got most of my 2k rounds of wolf left, and 10 mags! I'll beta test with my OWN ammo! if you don't still have my info from before, let me know!!! If needed I'll commit to getting more Wolf, and getting a reloading set-up going.....

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