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Thread: Any interest in custom 6.5 barrels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellcat View Post
    Wish they made a 450 Bushmaster! That round is awesome on big game. A 16 inch barrel would be great for swamp or other short range applications.
    The issue will be the size of the ejection port and location of the rails on which the BCG rides. In another thread, someone measured, and determined the .450 SOCOM was just too big.
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    Is there any word from Robinson on those 1/8 barrels? And how they shoot?
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    I haven't seen them come through yet. I pretty excited to try the 6.5x39 and the 6x45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleNurple View Post
    We can do Grendel! It may not be production but i found a grendel barrel in the R&D stuff a while ago and test fired it... it worked. We have 1-8" .264 blanks in stock. I talk to Alex and the guy in charge of barrels. I will try to get a run of these done.

    Count me in.

    PM sent.
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    I've been wanting 6.5 since I bought my XCR a few years back, if it can happen, I will for sure buy a conversion kit as well.

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    You had to mention the 6x45. I would love to see this offered for xcr as well as the 6.5G. Let us know if there are any new developments for either of these.

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