16" 308 with type 3
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Thread: 16" 308 with type 3

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    16" 308 with type 3

    This has been awhile coming. During the black Friday sale I ordered my competition upper and type 3 conversion for a 16" light 308. Took a few tries to get the correct parts but it's here, together and I read able to get to the range for a quick OP check today. I was short on time. Seeing 1 no can, didn't cycle. Setting 1 with a saker, the brass went about 45' to the 2 o'clock. Gas face and recoil aren't too bad though. Setting zero did not cycle. Happy so far. Will get moe data when I can get back to the range but so far it seems like the type 3 is better for suppression.
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    Good info, Nate. Thanks for posting.
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