them damn Veprs..
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Thread: them damn Veprs..

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    them damn Veprs..

    just FINALLY after nearly 2 years of searching got a 5.45 vepr to complete my VEPR collection (with exception of .223, who needs em?

    I strongly urge any AK junkies here to spend the cash and get a VEPR. There are NO substitutes for them. I own 13 AKs and none of them come close to the fine details of the MOLOT' s craftsmanship. Even the t1 milled re-welded origianal Russian models or Arsenal sam-7 milled models.

    Its really a shame that RobArm could not get MOLOT to export more rifles, and I know how hard Alex tried.

    after chatting with him last week I am thinking about stepping outside the AK box and get and XCR.

    thus i joined the board to get the scoop.

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    Re: them damn Veprs..

    Semper Fidelis

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    Re: them damn Veprs..

    VEPR owner here as well as an older XCR. VEPR in original flavor.

    Yes the VEPR is an outstanding machine.

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    Re: them damn Veprs..

    Selling my VEPR K x39 rifle is the only firearm transaction I've ever done that I truly "regret".

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    Re: them damn Veprs..

    I found Robarm and hence my XCR due to searching for a VEPR Never got a VEPR though :-[
    Riding, Shooting, or pick and I will be there.

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    Re: them damn Veprs..

    Does Molot even exist anymore? I thought Izmash won a lawsuit in a Russian court and shut them down.

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    them damn Veprs..-imageuploadedbytapatalk1372288614.288284.jpgthem damn Veprs..-imageuploadedbytapatalk1372288632.036311.jpg

    I also have multiple AKs and the Vepr K is a BEAST! Shown with a couple goodies.

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    Zombie thread.

    HK, how long did it take you to find it?
    Do what you've always done, get what you've always got. ----- Have gun. Will travel.

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    To find the vepr? Funny enough not long after I discovered them i bought one! Had heard about them and already own an xcr then found mine on gunbroker for a good price and picked her up!

    Like I said, I have norinco pre ban 56s, arsenal sgl, Maadi and this is bar far the nicest shooter.

    You know when you pull the action back the 1st time that its a well built firearm. Shoots great and the extra weight helps reduce the recoil. I'm running it with an Eotech XPS and magnifier and is a blast.

    Buy one, you really can't go wrong and they are only going up in value. Keep in mind I've handled some of the new import VEPRs and they are a completely different rifle in build quality.

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    I'm posting an XCR for sale shortly, if you're looking. Late 2012 production with all the updates and ambi parts. Only a handful of rounds through it for break-in.


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