Video: Gun Control Advocate LOSES it......
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Thread: Video: Gun Control Advocate LOSES it......

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    Video: Gun Control Advocate LOSES it......

    "loses" it is a misnomer....he just gets irritated. I have no idea why the software is trying to link this entire text, but only the top is a video.

    BTW, you can no longer edit the title of the post....which kinda sucks.
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    "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty. It is the argument of tyrants; the creed of slaves."-William Pitt the Younger

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    “If a tyrant is one man and his subjects are many, why do they consent to their own enslavement?"

    Etienne de La Boetie (1530-1563)

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    if you need a thread title edited, just shoot me a PM with a link to the thread and what you want it changed to and I will be happy to do it for you.

    BTW fixed the link for you too


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