USDA Farm Surveillance: Control the Food and You Control the People
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Thread: USDA Farm Surveillance: Control the Food and You Control the People

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    USDA Farm Surveillance: Control the Food and You Control the People

    "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty. It is the argument of tyrants; the creed of slaves."-William Pitt the Younger

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    Looks like Barry took a page from the book of Uncle Joe "Man of Steel" Stalin, undoubtedly one of his idols. Just like when millions of Ukrainians mysteriously starved to death during the Holodomor, apparently Barry has recognized the merits of a populace too weak and busy dying from hunger to fight back.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be yet another piece of a terrifying puzzle falling neatly into place. The push to concentrate our agricultural assets into huge, easily controlled corporate farms and away from small, privately owned ones that could, one day, potentially feed those who strongly disagree with the government, seems to make sense now.
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    Stalin starved 7 million Ukrainians in 1933. Much faster than Hitler's final solution. Interesting if you go back and read the news headlines during that time. The American media were still having their love affair with the dictators on the north European plain.


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