Top ten gun owning nations in the world
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Thread: Top ten gun owning nations in the world

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    Top ten gun owning nations in the world

    Nice to see the good old USA is still No. 1 at something!

    A Gun Graphic that Will Depress Your Leftist Friends | International Liberty

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    I appreciate the sentiment, but I think the presentation is misleading.

    It produces "percentages" based on totals, but I bet the percentage of citizens who own one or more firearms isn't well represented, because they assume that the firearms are evenly distributed. Finland and Switzerland may have lower "percentages" but that's likely because the Finnish and Swiss gun owners each own fewer firearms. Americans are going to have a higher "percentage" because of the number of large collections.
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    Tom, while you're right, in this situation I'm pulling the rare optimist card.
    I'm hoping that my multiple firearms will find new homes in the hands of people that don't have one, but are willing to use mine for proper purposes when the tome comes.
    As long as the firearms accomplish my goal, it doesn't matter to me whether I carry one or all of them.
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    To TomAiello:

    Good catch. The multiple gun family skewing the data never occurred to me. Hmmmm. Maybe we need to start a nationwide mentoring system: "Train and arm a buddy!".


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