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Thread: Medical Monopolies Exposed Yet Again.....The $500 Epi-Pen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidenwillson View Post
    Sean , I think there are no worries about price. Try to use this prescriptions discount network. Sadly, i am a frequent visiotr of pharmacy... I do not go there without a discount card anymore.
    No offense....but we should ALL be worried about medical monopolies, discriminatory pricing, and abuse of consumers. While the link you provided might save members some amount of money, the fact that disparate pricing policies exist at all and are exploited by the medical/pharmaceutical monopolies is unacceptable and MUST end. They are a rank violation of Robinson_Patman, Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust law and amount to gross theft by an industry that is currently 1/5th of GDP and growing exponentially at 9.3% per annum. If left unchecked, it WILL (with mathematical certainty) bankrupt the nation.
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    For those that do the epi-pen thing, apparently CVS has a generic, $110 for a 2-Pack.

    Epipen Alternative | Epinephrine OTC | CVS Pharmacy
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