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Thread: Makes me Sick

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    Makes me Sick

    Those who were not there will never know Those who were will never forget.

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    Re: Makes me Sick

    The victors write the history books.
    Semper in excremento sum, solum profunditas mutat. 'Always in the shit, only the depth varies'

    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.... Margaret Thatcher,

    Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.
    Mahatma Gandhi

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    Re: Makes me Sick

    Fox News has reported on this as well. I never really understood how Wikipedia could be used as a true source for information anyway. Anyone can make it say whatever they want. :-\
    "If the provisions of the Constitution be not upheld when they pinch, as well as when they comfort, they may as well be abandoned." - U.S. Supreme Court Justice George Southerland, 1934

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    Re: Makes me Sick

    Wikipedia has not always been scrupulous about maintaining its entries. There have been several high-profile cases where libelous statements about folks have been made and wikipedia has been unresponsive in resolving the issue.

    The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed -- where the government refuses to stand for re-election and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake free people get to make only once." Judge Alex Kozinski, 9th District

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    Re: Makes me Sick

    Sick like chunky milk.

    That's exactly why I almost never bother looking at wikipedia. There's a general relationship on the internet (or in general), that past a point the more people that have input to something, the less value it has. That's pretty much just straight up censorship though.

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    Re: Makes me Sick

    At least we know which side Wiki is on... :
    "No one knows what it's like to be the badman..."-The Who


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