Bush Administration Comes out Against Hangdun Ownership
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Thread: Bush Administration Comes out Against Hangdun Ownership

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    Bush Administration Comes out Against Hangdun Ownership

    As I suggested in an earlier post, the Bush administration does not necessarily support the Second Amendment. Here's the proof: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lott/lott58.html

    Shouldn't be be a surprise -- they've already done major damage to the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth amendments.

    The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed -- where the government refuses to stand for re-election and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake free people get to make only once." Judge Alex Kozinski, 9th District

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    Re: Bush Administration Comes out Against Hangdun Ownership

    The last statement gives a little hope

    President Bush has the power to fix this by ordering that the solicitor general brief be withdrawn or significantly amended. Unfortunately, it may take an uprising by voters to rein in the Justice Department.

    Lets email the Whitehouse and see if we can change there minds

    [email protected]

    I have emailed the Whitehouse how about the rest of you's.
    The whole point of being governed by a Constitution and not by men or directly by the people themselves was to stop incredible stupidity from annihilating our Freedoms. Tyranny of the majority is just as dangerous as any dictator. Especially when the majority is incredibly fucking stupid.


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