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Thread: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

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    Rifleman Zog117's Avatar
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    XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    It seems like that broken firing pins is a pretty common problem with the XCR even with the updated pins. I haven't broken any yet, I have maybe 1K through my rifle which came with the updated pin. I just wanted to take a poll to see how many have experienced this problem. This is my go-to rifle for a number of reasons, but I'm not sure if it will continue to be if I'm worried about my firing pin going bad on me when I need it most.

    If you have broken an XCR firing pin, please post how many rounds you had through it at failure. Thanks!
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    Marksman scalton's Avatar
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    Jun 2011

    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I own 2, one has 3800 the other 1900 I have had zero problems so far.
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    Nov 2011

    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I own 2 also, both with the updated pins, I would say 1000 to 1500 rounds in each, and no issues with the pin (knocking on wood).

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    XCR Guru Sean K.'s Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I've got over 5K rounds through a couple with the "updated" firing pin....no problems....but I too am a little concerned about hearing of all the broken ones. Have a spare bolt and get some additional spare pins, JIC....at least that's my plan now.

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    XCR Guru Merlin's Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    For those that maybe wondering, the firing pin is the same for the "L" calibers. Don't know if they are using the same in the "M".

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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I have @ 2k rounds through 5.56 kit and 1k through 7.62 kit. No problems with pin. I have extra bolts and pins so not worried.
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    XCR Guru Carpenter's Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I have the one that broke recently. In all fairness, I have gotten all of my XCR parts used, so I have no idea of the round count.
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    Carbineman The Newbie's Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    About 2000 rounds on my L model. I am still rocking the old school firing pin.

    Am I rolling the dice by not upgrading? If I upgrade, do I need a new bolt too?
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    Expert cjt50's Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    I have a 5.56 bolt that has seen aprx 9500 rounds, another that has just broke 1000 and a 7.62x39 that is hovering around 6000. All are the new design. All still running like a champ.

    Now that I have commented on this one of them will break. :tinhat: That's what happen when I commented on the cracked op rod thread.
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    XCR Guru Bravo's Avatar
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    Re: XCR Broken Firing Pins Poll

    Out of all my XCR's, I've had one pin breakage, and that was with the new-style pin.
    I had about 5K through that one at the time IIRC, and it still functioned just fine. Because I had cleaned it not that long before Alex found the broken pin, I question if it had broken AFTER I cleaned it - I always work the action several times after reassembly to spread the lube and function check. That makes the most sense to me, because I never had a malf.

    Anyway, Alex found it and Terra (the lovable Queen of the Universe) replaced it right then and there - he told me at the time that they'd had a bad run of pins, where some of them had a ridge left after the machining process that wasn't polished out. That ridge created a stress riser, and that's where they were breaking. Not many of them had failed from that batch, but it was noteworthy that the known failures were pretty much located in that batch.

    And no, the -M uses a completely different pin than the -L. Personally, I prefer the way the -M bolt is made to the way the -L bolt is made. At one time, Alex said something about possibly taking the bolt design retro to the -L. I'd be all for that.
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