Chipped bolt rail on upper
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Thread: Chipped bolt rail on upper

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    Chipped bolt rail on upper

    Hello...I have an XCR-l that I bought new in 2013 in 5.56. It ran flawlessly. I had it modified by Robinson in 2015 for the new BCG and picked up the 7.62 conversion kit.

    Post modification the gun developed a broken op rod and chipped extractor which Robinson replaced promptly and with excellent customer service.

    However, now I have discovered another chip shown in the attached pictures. I sent these pics to RA and they said it "should" not affect performance or create any safety issue. I trust them but still want a second opinion.

    Any opinions or experiences are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chipped bolt rail on upper-image.jpg   Chipped bolt rail on upper-image.jpg  

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    I agree...that shouldn't cause a all. If concerned in the slightest, I'd sand out any roughness and run it. It'll be fine.
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    +1 with Sean. I've got dings on the interior of my uppers in that location. No issues.

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    Thank you!!


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