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    Selector Stiff AF

    I love my XCR save for one thing, the safety. I know 45 degree safeties are all the rage, but at 45 degrees it leaves the lever in a position where I can't torque it well with my thumb and mine is super, super stiff. I have to use the lever on the other side to put the gun back on safe with my trigger finger. Anyone else have the same issue? How did you loosen it up? I already tried a drop of lube. Didn't really do anything other than make oil leak out from the selector on either side.

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    Have you checked the spring detente by removing the grip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
    Have you checked the spring detente by removing the grip?
    This, and if everything else looks good you can try trimming the spring or drilling out the spring hole in the grip. I've had a few grips that were a little shallow.

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    I actually had this problem on one of my XCR-Ls from around the sub 4K SN range. What is the SN on your rifle? I'd suggest if you do the things above, also check the selector itself. Mine had flashing on it (cast part I believe) and that flashing on the selector barrel was rubbing the housing in the lower receiver causing the extra friction. I sanded mine down (which does remove the finish, but I either reblued it or put iridite on it....can't remember now if it was steel or aluminum....basically I just made sure there wouldn't be a corrosion issue) and it took care of the problem completely. Might be worth checking.
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