WIC (possibly offensive)
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Thread: WIC (possibly offensive)

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    WIC (possibly offensive)

    Ok so I am in a personal dilemma. My wife and I both consider ourselves to be conservative. We have a baby on the way and could likely qualify for WIC. I personally do NOT want to go on WIC and would rather go hungry that to enroll on such a program. I will be getting a small pay raise from the Air Force for my baby boy but I don't know if that will cut it. My wife wants us to go on WIC to take care of my unborn child and her logic is that we should take it as honest working Americans contributing to society as opposed to another person that may get it i.e. illegal alien or another person that seems to be a drain on what's left of the American Economy. I personally am not sure what I should do due to personal morality and also to care for my child. What say you?
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)


    I completely understand your situation... When I was a SrA and my wife had our 1st child we went on WIC. You don't make enough while on AD to really support your family. As an NCO I advise that you use the tools that are available to you to support your family. If you want to talk more about this please go ahead and PM....
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    When I was in command I sent more than a few of my soldiers to sign up for WIC. There is no shame in it, no different than taking BAS or even BAH. You are entitled to it, if you don't use it someone else will.
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Do what you need to do. As a taxpayer I'm ashamed that you aren't compensated enough for your service while entitled parasites that do nothing get so much.

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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Ever hear a child scream from hunger?

    After you hear yours you wont care about being "conservative". You'll just want to make the baby feel better
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Yup. Go with your gut on this one. I would do many things to feed my family. Things that I would never do in a normal situation. I pray I never have to go there. I would think that nobody would judge you one way or the other when it comes to the well being of your family. Better you than some illegal or crack head.
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Quote Originally Posted by davek View Post
    Do what you need to do. As a taxpayer I'm ashamed that you aren't compensated enough for your service while entitled parasites that do nothing get so much.
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    DITTO : Go get the WIC ! A healthy wife and child is far cheaper anyway. So do us all a favor. ;D
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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Agreed with everyone else.There is no shame in taking a hand up every once in awhile.Especially since your serving your country.Uncle Sam does not do nearly enough for you anyway,so at least you've earned your "help" more than most.Feel no shame and feed your child.That fact that that the thought of it shames you speaks volumes about your character IMHO.

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    Re: WIC (possibly offensive)

    Look you have already paid for it through your taxes. It is not as if you are getting something for free, you have actually paid for it already over the years you have been working.

    No shame here buddy. Besides, you and your family are serving your country, you deserve the WIC benefits. You deserve more.

    Now, one thing I could recommend to make it even easier to support yourselves and the baby, is to clip coupons, My wife does it and she will go to the storage and buy $100 worth of food, etc and only pay $40 - $60 depending on what she buys that week. When she goes shopping for clothes, she buys the close on sale and then combines the sale with a total off coupon (think Khols). You have to be creative. My wife has been clipping coupons forever now. Even when I was in the service. It all adds up. She will save thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Thousands that can go towards other things...

    Just some friendly advice if you are not doing it already. There are forums and sites all over the web dedicated to coupons clipping and how to combine coupons with sales, etc. The trick is combining store coupons with manufacturer coupons.
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