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Thread: Hot Sauce Recommendations

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    Re: Hot Sauce Recommendations

    My mom is quite the collector/connoisseur of spicy condiments, and she recommends these guys.
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    Re: Hot Sauce Recommendations

    If you have a smoker you can make a home made treat for him.

    I get a ton of left over peppers from a friend every year and have made a dried smoked pepper salt that goes over very well.

    1 part jalapeno chilis

    1 part habenaro chilis (or your favorite variety of hot pepper, i did 1/2 habenaro and 1/2 bhut jolokia this year)

    2 parts anaheim chilis

    1/4 part sea salt wrapped in cheese cloth

    Smoke over apple wood for 4-6 hours.

    Remove from smoker when dry and cut off stems.

    Put the whole mix in a food processor and spin for 3-5 minutes until finely powered

    Let sit for 3-5 minutes (If you forget to do this your going to regret taking the lid off quickly! Let the "dust settle")

    Package up the smoke pepper salt in empty spice shakers.
    Hot smokey goodness!

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    Re: Hot Sauce Recommendations

    Man that looks awesome!

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    Re: Hot Sauce Recommendations

    That's great stuff. I'll be sure to note this down and tell them later on in case they want to make something on their own. I have been trying to acquire some scotch bonnet pepper plants from some Jamaicans at work. I have the Indians working on getting me some bhut jolokia peppers too. So they will have some of the stuff to make something on their own.
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    Re: Hot Sauce Recommendations

    Some of the best sauces I've tasted are from Torchbearer sauces out of PA. They have everything from mild heat to melt the face of the person sitting next to you heat, AND all of the sauces have flavor. They don't use extracts, all natural peppers only. Here's the link:

    I've got a box of goodies from them on the way here as we speak... i mean as I type...

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