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    Trap House Burgers Presents:

    AVelardi-smith production

    "The LuTher D-Luxe" D for Delicious and Luxe for Luxury

    A sudden onset of "The Itis" may set in soon after completion
    where you may enter limbo by traveling deeper through the dream levels.

    some sliced onion lookin like volcanoes

    1lb of thick bacon gettin it crispy

    chuck ground beef, a few eggs, mustard, teriyaki, worcestershire an some pepper

    mix that shit up

    set aside for laret reheat or try to time things better then me

    caramelize onions with sugar, brown sugar and dont forget about bacon grease

    g-26 required

    like candy

    flatten out but not to thin, maybe 1/2 inch thick

    load it with cheese

    gently fold it up nicely pinching edges together

    cheese stuffed burger

    a little overview so far

    burgers..bacon..SARSILMAZ K2

    publix style krispy kreme

    dohh nuttz close up

    slice in half (pistol required)

    cook medium or maybe a bit more but longer u cook theres a chance the cheese can drip out

    a little cheese peaking out

    lightly grill doughnut on sliced side, then melt a little butter and paint that shit on the grilled side

    add MORE cheese

    done grillin.. yumm

    and now for the erection on the burger

    add at least 5 juicy bacon strips

    pour it up wit the dripping onions

    BEHOLD "The LuTher Burger D-Luxe"

    weapon shrine

    let whats about to happen sink in...
    notice the XCR mini to protect your creation

    get ready for it and try to understand whats about to happen

    and the final moment you realize your life will never be the same.. feelings of happiness!



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    My arteries just clogged up looking at these pics........................

    "Be Vigilant and Safe!!"
    "Molon Labe!!"
    "It Is A Weak Man Who Urges Compromise!!"

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    I was with you until the doughnut. What the Hell!

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    All the food groups man!!! Meat, salad and dessert.
    When Mad Max comes... I'll be waiting !!!


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