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    Hello from Northern Ontario

    Hey guys, it's great to finally be here. I have had my XCR for almost 2 years now. Up until this point I just used it, abused it, and that was it. Now its time to find out a bit more about my rifle and maybe trick it out a bit.

    Got my XCR 2 years ago at Ellwood. 7.62x39 with the fixed skeleton stock. shot approx. 1 1300 round crate of corrosive ammo and had a blast. Its actually been sitting collecting dust for almost a year. I got hooked on some other guns for a bit and traveled for work. Now that I'm back on it I hope to learn a bit about my rifle this time around.

    Thanks guys,

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    Greetings Matt. Glad to hear you are once again enjoying your XCR. Ellwood Epps is a great little shop, I have used them a lot. (Besides, it gives a great excuse to go for lunch at Webers. )
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    "Up until this point I just used it, abused it, and that was it."

    Perfect! That's what its designed for. Keep up the good work!

    Good to hear you have the 7.62x39 and have had no issues. That's what I'm running and so far, so good. What's your cleaning drill when running corrosive?

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    Webers is the only reason the girlfriend will come with me to Epps. Did I mention I hate waiting in lines. Love the burgers, but the people drive me crazy every time!

    So my cleaning drill for the rifle was; when I was done shooting run the bore snake 2 times, bring it home wash the barrel in hot soapy water same with the gas block bolt ect. Then I had times where after shooting with friends we got together to do other things, and would do that process that evening or the next day.
    My last time shooting the rifle, an emergency came up, said I would clean it the next day, forgot and had it locked in a hard case for approx. one year.
    I will soon post the process I am currently in to get the rifle running again. The gas block was seized bad! Just finished unpinning the flash hider yesterday aswell. I have had an AAC breakout comp for the rifle that was sitting in a box for a year now. Not sure where to post about all this, but I'm sure some people here will be interested in the results of all this.

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    Looking forward to hearing about the process to get operational again. Photos would be great, before and after. Curious to see how bad a year in a case after corrosive ammo is to a firearm. This is a helluva torture test!


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