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    Greetings from WNC!

    Howdy, I just joined the forum. Thanks in advance for all the great info! I recently bought a 2007 (gen 2?) XCR-L Standard/5.56 in great condition and it goes without saying that I love it... but this trigger has got to go! I need to find the thread on ordering & installing the newer RA trigger group, or other trigger solutions. Also looking for tips & insights on zeroing my BUIS. I might also mention that although I'm an experienced shooter, I'm not a hobbyist - in fact that's why I went with an XCR, as I have very limited interest in/knowledge of the modular AR-world nor its tactical accessories. Just wanted a reliable gas piston "black" rifle & it seemed to me that the XCR is the best around. I'm also a Walther pistol guy. Glad to have this resource!

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    Welcome, you should be able to find all you need here, and more! There are 2 vendors that are on the forum. Kermit(Gramps96Kz) and Nate (navalbeaver). It is a cinch to install the trigger, there is a sticky with some photos somewhere. Good luck and enjoy
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    Welcome, come join the fun! you have to post something in the funny pics thread so we can see where your humor stands!
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    When Mad Max comes... I'll be waiting !!!

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    Hey, I'm in Asheville. Maybe we can meet up sometime. I've had my XCR for about a year and a half and still love it!

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    I recently got the new trigger from navalbeaver and installed it. He had it on hand, so PM him and see if he has more. It did not come with springs.
    The new trigger installs just the like the mentioned schematic shows.


    Be sure the disconnect spring sits in the pocket on the trigger and fits in the grove in the disconnect before you try to install it. I had to flip my original spring upside down to fit in the pocket. It was a tight fit into the disconnect spring grove. I pressed it into the grove from the side. If it is loose in the grove, a tiny bit of grease in the pocket can help keep it in place. I don't know if there is a difference between a new disconnect spring and my original. While I did get my original to work, I've ordered some new ones.

    I found it easiest to put the trigger pin in from the right side. Trigger first, then the disconnect. Its tricky to hold the disconnect and trigger, fight the trigger spring, and put them in together.

    Put a drop of oil inside the hammer, trigger, and disconnect before assembling.
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    And to you sir I say good day


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