Greetings fromVancouver Island, BC CANADA via MONTANA USA
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Thread: Greetings fromVancouver Island, BC CANADA via MONTANA USA

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    Greetings fromVancouver Island, BC CANADA via MONTANA USA

    Hey guys, very much a noob as far as the XCR goes. I just picked up an XCR-L non pre-Key mod gen and am looking forward to putting it though its paces. I have been reading and seeing a lot of reviews on the XCR and it's reliability issue (ie. FTF) so I am hopeing that I am an exception to the rule.

    I'm an AR guy and run a DD Mk18 as well but as I live in CANADA now I thought I needed a rifle that I could take out into the bush and didn't need big brother watching over me and since the SCAR is not an option here it was a toss up between the XCR and ACR. A great deal came up so the XCR won.

    Hope to become as much of an XCR fan as you guys ...

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    Welcome!! Most of the reliability issues were worked out pre-keymod versions. It is going to depend on how early a model you have.

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    Welcome! Hope it works well for you. Try to find some of the Robinson pistol marked magazines so you can have some 10 rounders.
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    FTF was never a problem. Failure to feed is almost always a mag problem.... Failure to fire....wasn't even a problem when firing pins broke.

    FTE....was a problem with XCRs with tight chambers or ones that were undergassed for whatever reason. That seems to have been sorted for 7-8K additional S/Ns.... (We're now in the 11K range IIRC).
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    Thanks Sean, I'll have to check my serials tomorrow. But put about 200 rounds through her the other day and no issue at all!

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    Hey, welcome and enjoy your new toy!

    If you ever find yourself in Kelowna, I am the director of the "Upper Range" with OFGC. I'm always up for taking guests on tours of our facilities! PM me if you ever want to go shooting.
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