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Thread: New XCR-L Keymod owner living behind enemy lines Kalifornia.

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    And ya, i don't go much either anymore also. The only friend I currently have who shoots with me is a wedding photographer, so he gets booked for every weekend solid for 3+ month at a time. And my other friend who I shoot with just moved to northern ca. So now I'm a lone wolf. Its sketchy/boring going by yourself out there. If anything happens, theres not much cell reception either.
    Yah I know what you mean. When I was in Nevada there were plenty of places to shoot out in the desert. But, plenty of others had the same idea. And, man, there were some really stupid people out there. I think Calico is about the same haul from my place as Ocotillo, but always good to know more spots. The list seems to get smaller and smaller with time.

    My Ocotillo spot is known to others. And, right where you pull off from the paved road (Great Southern Stage Coach Route) is a Border Patrol check point (the wall is just short drive away) and the agents were always cool about it.
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