Brand new XCR owner!
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Thread: Brand new XCR owner!

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    Brand new XCR owner!

    Picked up an XCR-M from a local shop yesterday when they had it on sale. Been looking for a solid, .308 piston rifle and I hope I found the right one. Just waiting for a day so I can get out to the range and try my new baby!

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    Let us know what you like or dislike about the M.

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    Thank you! So far, first impressions were good till I stripped the rifle down and ran into a few things, mostly minor. First thing, when you have the bolt and carrier out, with the bolt pushed fully back to the rear of the carrier, is the firing pin supposed to push out past the bolt face? Doesn't seem like something I've encountered on any other rifle so I'm not sure if this is intended for the platform. Other things were just simple stuff, like the stock being too narrow(simply a preference) and the bolt catch being loose. Though I suppose the bolt catch could just use a larger spring.

    However, other than those few things, I'm loving the ergonomics and design of the rifle. Very simple and minimalistic, like combining the charging handle and forward assist while still keeping it non-reciprocating. That and the adjustments for the gas piston. It's not too often an adjustable system has an option to turn the gas off(or at least that's what I was understanding what that 0 meant). As long as everything all checks out and I can work with what little grievences I have, I can see myself putting a lot of time behind this rifle.

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    Congrats, keymod or pic rails?

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    Keymod, which is slightly unfortunate as most of my existing gear is meant for rails or M-Lok. But, I'll make due.

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    The keymod makes due a much better handing rifle. Midwest industries makes adapter plates for kmod to m-lok. Haven't tried them, but it's an option.

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    Welcome to the club!
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