Navy SEAL's take on the XCR. Looking for more info.
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Thread: Navy SEAL's take on the XCR. Looking for more info.

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    Navy SEAL's take on the XCR. Looking for more info.

    I recently became aware of the XCR. I have used the SCAR and the M-4 on deployments. Being a gun nerd, like the rest of the Forum I looked for ways to improve the weapon to fit my vision of "best possible battle rifle". It is a little frustrating going to war with a weapon that needs modification.

    Until last week I belived that the SCAR was the best battle rifle on the planet but only after you add the $350 Geissele trigger and $300 KDG rail. Without the trigger the 2500$ Tool is not as effective and that sucks!!!
    I want my body-to-weapon support/contact points to be spaced out along the length of the rifle, to accomplish this I need to purchase a rail extension.

    Now I can confidently engage targets with a dream battle rifle the closely optimizes the 7.62X51... "O yeah", the contested charging handle, yes I learned the singular lesson of how not to hold a SCAR, I also replaced the handle with an angled CH to keep my knuckle skin. I don't like it but I figure the FN SCAR's other qualities (light weight) make acceptance of the hated handle less painful. I became accustom the the manual of arms but if I had to choose I would prefer non-reciprocation.

    I would like forum members to inform on the current Nov 2017 XCR quality, accuracy etc... The info online has many review of old (2010ish) weapons with hiccups and only a couple new reviews like on YouTube from Small Arms Solutions with Chris Bartocci. If you haven't seen his channel I recommend it.

    I want my personal weapon inventory to be modular, I don't want an upper for every occasion ( mk-18/ CQB + mk-12/ SPR) but I like the idea of just carrying an extra barrel kit and ammo. Down side to the SCAR with there limited availability of options for caliber, and they cost $1,000+ per conversion. Cost prohibitive for me to have a $1000 barrel for my scar when I can buy a $1000 barrel.

    The RA XCR page for parts doesn't work and I was hoping for actual cost of XCR caliber conversion kits ( I understand that each kit may require diff parts)
    I read 400-600, true??

    How good is the new factory trigger? Do you have qualitative comparisons? I have seen pictures of impressive groups with the XCR, I am assuming the stock trigger is good enough..?? What modifications have the competition guys made, can a competent gun nerd do the same at home?

    If I want a M-Lok rail, do I just call up the RA and simply put in the order, do I have to wait until RS's next production before they will cut a receiver with the M-Lok cuts?

    I see the operation system as the best of the worlds top operation systems.
    I see more of a resemblence to the FN mk-46 / 249 bolt and op-rod not the AK-47 which is awesome because the Mk-46's most common failure is the bolt but that is due to full auto operation.

    When RA comes up with new updates how difficult is it to have your "old" rifle updated? Relative cost comparison for the work.

    Basically I am looking convincing that the companies growing pains are over. If the XCR operates as advertised I believe it to be the worlds best battle rifle,, good job USA!

    The only problem I can foresee with wide use in the special forces is the large number knuckle dragging cavemen who already have trouble understanding the couple gas positions of the SCAR. 8 position gas regulator might melt some brains hahahah.

    I know this is a lengthy post, thanks for sharing your experience with the XCR.

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    The XCR platform is unique to say the least, when I was doing my research back in the day to purchase a 5.56 type semi and decided on the XCR-L, it was because of the multiple caliber options and the cost of the kits. Back then I think RA was the only company that actually had a rifle that offered those options. The accuracy was as good as the ARs from what I saw back then. The piston driven, side charging, ambi-magazine release and the ambi-safety (which came later on) are all positives for me.
    Keep in mind that I am no operator like yourself but that same things you are saying you like about the XCR is why most of us have stuck with RA. Which as you probably already know that Alex can be a little eccentric about his baby. I can say though that the QC and CS has improved immensely over the years. This drove Francis RIP (SDDUC996) away initially but he believed in the platform and I believe if he was still with us, I would like to think he would have come back. I think he worked closely with the 'Teams' while he was active duty.
    Kermit, Navalbeaver or Mechanic would be my recommended contacts for products if you decide to adopt the XCR. NB and Mech has posted several details about the rifles.
    M-LOK might be a reach for Alex to adopt, long story, there are some feelings there from the RA side.
    Got to add, the XCRs are super easy to clean, not that some of our members do so on a regular basis.
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    Thanks for the info. I will check out their posts.

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    I would like forum members to inform on the current Nov 2017 XCR quality, accuracy etc: Quality/QC has gotten much better over the past couple of years. Fit and finish on the new rifles is well ahead of what they were pre SN5000(that's broad stroke generalization, nothing special about 5000). Accuracy is acceptable, but I wouldn't expect the XCR to be a Match gun. Some handloaders have got some really nice groups, factory guys have posted some nice 3 shot groups. I've shot several examples of the rifle and found them to be 1-2 MOA. You may get better than that depending on setup/skill/ammo. I've gotten a few really nice 3 shots groups only to have them open up consistently on the 4th/5th round. YMMV

    actual cost of XCR caliber conversion kits: New $500+, used high $300s-mid $400s

    How good is the new factory trigger? G2S/SSA equivalent. Some have polished them up, some are getting 3lb etc. It's a nice trigger from the factory but that's all you're going to get.

    Mlok: Maybe in the near future, only because that's what everyone else is doing. RA was slow to adopt keymod but after the crane (O so scientific) testing of the two options, MLOK is the future.

    When RA comes up with new updates how difficult is it to have your "old" rifle updated: Generally they're bolt on. Only one mod for the L has required machining on the lower. The update for the M(years back now) required machining the old gas block OR you could just get the new parts.

    Basically I am looking convincing that the companies growing pains are over: I'd guess mostly but they're still a small company with very small market share in the US.
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    Thank you for the quick reply.
    I think I am sold and will be an XCR owner in the next few months.
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    forgot to mention that RA offers a 10% military discount. at the margins I'm getting it's barely worth selling you a rifle. might want to go direct. I can order what you want but I would expect at least a couple of months before I get anything. gramps on the Forum may have what you want in stock. he has a much bigger shop than I do
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    Awesome thank you but the newness of my discovery means that I need time to accumulate the moneys first.. haha

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    Cliff notes version:
    - Built like a tank
    - Actual caliber exchange capability (wait time between ordering and receive can be long with vague ETAs, same goes for parts)
    - Don't expect MOA accuracy (the barrel is retained by just one bolt)
    - Expect service rifle accuracy (though some have gotten lucky, but I'd say most are seeing 1.5 to 3 MOA)
    - If you want one, and parts, get it through the two authorized dealers here on the forum: Kermit (Gramps96Kz) and Nate (navalbeaver)
    - Do not deal with RA directly, or you're likely to get sore
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    Hands down, the best rifle out there. Massive three lug bolt with huge extractor. Forward assist (forward jam) if you like. Left sided charging handle, 60 degree throw on the safety. Original, now much copied, bolt release behind the mag well. Quick detach barrel, folding stock,adjustable gas and multi caliber. I think the trigger is very good, especially for a fighting weapon. Don't forget, this rifle is almost all metal and still weighs about the same as others. I bought early and I've bought lately and QC has gone up significantly.
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    Like Chris has said, best kept secret. Interestingly enough, in that XCR-M video he was given an XCR-M with Type 3 gas block. This isn't normal, it's typically Type 2 (which you can see the differences on the faq pages).

    As a joe blow end user, I have to agree on the better than an AR-15 marketing. I use two uppers and many conversions, one upper is red dotted while the other is scoped.

    The triggers on XCR-L and XCR-M are the best out of box semi-auto rifle triggers I've felt, they can break-in and and be polished. I haven't sat down for groups with hands loads, but mine shoot 2-3 moa with various factory and bulk ammo, better with premium ammo, I've not hand loaded for it yet. 3 shot groups don't mean much, but many are running lighter barrels too, I've never mag dumped and never got it hot enough for any major stringing.

    I'm in Canada and parts supply is mostly good, conversion kits and barrel are basically twice the price for us. I have two XCR-L uppers, one red dot and one scoped - and swap my conversions around for what I'm doing. My XCR-M stay's scoped and no second upper.

    FAST stocks are great, but I'll confess I switched to AR stock adapters with LUTH AR and MFT Minimalist stocks, they suit me better.

    I have 5.56, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC and 300 AAC Blackout in XCR-L and 308 in XCR-M. I have 6.5 Grendel and .260 Remington Barrels on order. I have NO complaints other than the additional overhead cost export / import / currency conversion for Canada.

    You will not be disappointed, unless you're looking for a match gun. New production rifles are advertised as 1moa capable.
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