New CDN owner with pics and questions.
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Thread: New CDN owner with pics and questions.

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    New CDN owner with pics and questions.

    Hello Everyone.

    Good to find this form, I was sent this way from a member from

    Just a quick note about me. Born and raised in Calgary, College in Phoenix AZ, first job was in Beaverton OraGUN, working for Nike.
    This was pre 911, so lets just say, access to all sorts of weapons was never a problem and I had friends with Class III licences.
    So several years ago when I moved back to Canada, I lawfully came home with a few handguns.

    Recently I got back into shooting, and I wanted to pick up a non-restricted "Tactical" Rifle. I have never been really big on ARs, nothing wrong with them as they are popular as hell, I am just drawn in a differnt direction. I got to spend some quality time with HKs and I was impressed, just not with the price, esp up here in the great white north.

    For some reason, I just liked the RA XCR's and I have been doing my best to do research on this rifle, including spending time on RA site looking at the various parts and upgrades.

    BTW I am sorry I missed Terra. I enjoyed reading her (8 yr old) posts, however, I am assuming she is well off to bigger and better things.

    Buy a new weapon is like starting a new relationship, only time will tell if it ends in divorce or if we are still holding hands 10 years later.

    I have included some pictures of the new to me XCR and I am inquiring to the collective if there is anything I need to be concerned about or should be upgrading?
    My intial thought are just to shoot it and not worry about anything until I find something I don't like, however, I find it is also helpful to seek the wisdom of those with a heck of a lot more experience than I.

    Thank you for your time.

    New CDN owner with pics and questions.-i-n8nmhdv-m.jpg
    New CDN owner with pics and questions.-i-3q4tjxd-m.jpg
    New CDN owner with pics and questions.-i-356cr8t-m.jpg
    New CDN owner with pics and questions.-i-wpdrw9h-m.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New CDN owner with pics and questions.-i-qntxsp2-m.jpg  
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    Don't know this this slipped by everyone, but welcome! Judging by your lower I think you're set (winterized trigger gaurd). You should have the gen 2 trigger and it looks like you have all the other goodies (ambi safe, upgraded bolt catch). Love the black and tan action, I have almost the perfect mirror opposite of that gun, although it looks like you've got the 18.3 hbar (mine is the 16).....I've always though the 18's looked killer.

    I've had better than average luck with L's. Most turn in from 1.5 to 3 MOA. A few guys have absolute laser beams.

    We're always interested in ammo preference and accuracy, we never turn down a good thorough range report.
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    Welcome, Eh!

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    Ya, never saw this post pop up....from 2 months ago. No idea why. Welcome to the forum. No, Terra is long gone from RA. Looks like you've got most of the latest updates unless you wanted the Gen 3 gas dial or picatinny-less fore end.
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    I could swear I responded to this post in April? If that's the case, the responses got wiped out.

    Anyway, welcome aboard! Which stock?
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