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    FAST is easy to get. The ACR adapter is what's difficult. You can order the FAST from Nate (navalbeaver) most likely. He can also get you a Type 3 block if you want to run suppressed. He can also get you the ambi mag release if you want one. Magpul used to have "ladder" type low pro picatinny rail covers. I think Ergo made them too.
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    Slowly evolving. On the RA list for the FASTII, not that I don't like the CTR, it is very solid and the folding mech locks tight and it shoots great. But, I like the look of the FAST, simple as that....my wife just shakes her head. Probably going to SBR also...This forum has helped immensely, thx to all for what you have and I'm sure will do. Hello-xcrscope.jpg
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