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    New member - old XCR

    I just picked up an XCR-L of my own the other day. I have a lot of questions on it. took it out this morning to shoot and its smoother than my bren.
    I have alot of questions as the gun is low serial number 009XX, and seems to be an amalgamation of parts. Im really looking for some one with whom I can discuss some of these parts types and series updates as the gun seems to be a type 0 lower as it has the type 1 bolt hold, and is not an ambidextrous mag release, has a type 2 fire control system (hammer has 2 notches on the left side), type 1 carrier and a type 0 bolt, im believing its a type 1 gas system- as its looks closest to it and has the holes in the tube.
    Just wondering if this is a normal early XCR or if this was an Early XCR that was upgraded with newer type parts?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    At that SN, it was an early XCR that's been upgraded over time.
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    Where'd you get the rifle from? Pics?

    Like Sean said. It's an early one with some upgrades.

    Gas tubes for the 0 and the 1 are the same. If you can adjust the gas dial by pushing a plunger with your finger then twisting, it's a type 1. The Type 0 bolt was only 5.56. Don't have an exact SN on when that changed over but usually the higher 1k SNs had the type 1 bolt. It's not a huge deal unless the bolt or pin break, then you'll have to get a type 1(drop in replacement) or have RA do the mod for the latest BCG (type 2). I haven't tried it myself but there's speculation you could use a type 1 firing pin on a type 0 bolt but RA said no and I can't confirm yay or nay.

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