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Thread: New member hello all.

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    New member hello all.

    New to forum. Michigander here XCR-M 308 with 6.5 creedmoor barrel. Would like to learn gas port setting parameters.

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    Welcome. There are folks here who know way more of the technicals than I do... And I don't know your level of knowledge either, so apologies if what I am about to say is basic knowledge to you. Test your barrel/gas assemblies with all of the ammo you intend to use and stock. Shoot them at various gas settings. I'd say starting from the middle gas setting and work your way down until you observe a failure to feed or eject. It'd be a waste of ammo to start with the gas system way up since (unless incorrectly manufactured, which is always a possibility) the rifle is most likely to cycle with that much gas.
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    There are numerous ways to test the gas....but as fmunk said, test what you plan to shoot, but keep in mind that during this tumultuous may be stuck with shit make sure it'll run reliably on that too.

    IMO, the best way to set the gas is load one round in the mag. Set the gas to the lowest setting. Shoot. Does the round eject and lock back on the empty mag? If not....keep doing one round per mag and bump the gas one setting each time until the round ejects and the mag locks back. Once it does...the gas is still want to check for ejection distance. Reliability is about where you want it with that particular brand of ammo when your spent case is ejecting 8-12 feet from the gun IMO. That may mean you have to bump up one more position from where it ejected the single round and the bolt locked back on the empty mag.

    Also, as the gun gets filthy, it may need to have the gas turned up. When you deep clean, don't forget to clean the ports in your gas dial and potentially in the bbl itself, but this shouldn't be required much at all.
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