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    New XCR owner reporting in

    Hello, there. Last year I decided I'd like to save up for an XCR-L; I'd already purchased a 5.56 AR-15 earlier last year but decided that I'd like a 6.5 Grendel semi-auto next, since I've been fascinated with alternative AR calibers for a while. I'm a filthy southpaw so I tend to lean toward rifles with ambi controls (my LWRC DI AR is full ambi), and eventually I began wanting something different rather than just another AR. The XCR-L seems like one of the few "not an AR-15" rifles out there that can be ordered in 6.5 Grendel, and the more I learned about its features the more I came to like the design. Thus, in June I emailed Robinson and placed the order, and just picked up my rifle today.

    I opted for the 18.6" tube as I think the Grendel benefits well from greater velocity, and I might shoot it at longer ranges someday. I generally prefer M-LOK but was willing to compromise on the competition-length KeyMod upper in the interest of being able to mount accessories closer to the muzzle (not sure if M-LOK competition length XCR-L uppers are currently offered or not). I went with the light barrel so it's not too front heavy, and the muzzle brake for controlling muzzle rise if I ever wish to "run and gun" with it. This is kind of intended to be a "jack of all trades" rifle, being good for several different uses but not necessarily excelling at any one thing. The first pic below is the rifle in its stock form, and underneath that is after I attached the glass and all of the accessories I've had sitting around for months in anticipation of getting the rifle. The exact position of the scope, foregrip, grip panels and Surefire tape switch may be subject to change, we'll see how I like them in their current state.

    If Robinson ever decides to start making 6mm ARC barrels for the XCR-L, I may end up getting one of those.

    This forum seems pretty dead right now to be honest, but perhaps I'll drop by every once in a while to report on my experiences with it after I actually get some rounds through it. I really don't get out to the range as much as I should.
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