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    New Member Looking for Advice on XCR-M


    I've been following Robinson Armament for over 5 yrs and finally have the cash to purchase a XCR-M. I currently have a number of rifles in 7.62x51 and 5.56x45. I like the 7.62 round and am thinking of first ordering a XCR-M Standard Exposed Gas Block with a 18.6 barrel and had some questions I hoped some of you could answer.

    I am interested in approximate weights and weight savings for the following. I realize a lot of it is likely minor, but want to compare the XCR-M wt's with my FN FAL/AR10 experiences.
    a. What is the total weight (no magazine) for the standard rifle, Fast3 stock, gas block 3, Key Mod hand guard with a 18.6 light barrel?
    b. What is the difference in weight between the Key Mod vs M Lok hand guard?
    c. what is the difference in weight between the 18.6 light vs heavy barrel
    d. What is the difference in weight between the type 2 vs 3 operating systems (short stroke vs long stroke).
    e. Any other options that can have an impact on the weight of the completed rifle?

    Next, I like to have a supply of the normal wear components in case of losing a part or breakage during use.
    a. I understand the Recoil Buffer needs to be replaced, with a properly adjusted gas system how many rounds should should each buffer survive? I plan on doing the break in and assume that it would be a good idea to replace the buffer then. What should the buffer look like when it needs to be replaced? Half the original thickness/shredded/???
    b. What other components would I need over a 5yr period with a total of 5,000 rounds fired. What springs, small parts wear out/get lost frequently?
    c. Does anyone in the US put together a small parts replacement kit with these parts?

    Figure I'll order shortly. In an email, RA stated that the wait time is 16 weeks, so I figure if I order in the next 2 weeks, I'll get it when the weather here in Texas is getting nice, first of April and be able to shot before it gets too hot.

    I appreciate any comments and insights in ordering and maintenance of the XCR-M. I actually have read the manual so have that to go on right now.

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    Your weight questions will be hard to answer b/c an 18.6" bbl isn't all that common in the US....though I'd agree that 18.6" makes a lot more sense in a .308. Just not sure there are a lot of them around here to weigh.

    I'm assuming you are talking about the standard length handguard as well. That will also have a slight affect on weight if you go mini vs. stnd. vs. comp length.

    The buffer will last 10's of thousands of rounds unless the gun is severely overgassed. It will start to come apart if that happens...deteriorated, chunks missing. Never personally had it happen to one of mine. It's a wear part. Get one. That's probably all you need unless the gun has an overgassing issue.

    There is a SPK (Small Part Kit) that includes the buffer that you can buy from RA direct or Navalbeaver here on the site....normal pricing is something like $125-150ish. I'd also recommend NOT ordering the complete M direct and ordering from Navalbeaver or Gramps96Kz here.

    There isn't really any maintenance. Clean it if you want. Oil them if you want. Or don't. I don't. They just run.
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