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    hello everyone

    Looking forward to getting another XCR, had one back in 2003 and like an idiot sold it to pay some bills as the wife and I had an emergency and had lost our jobs. Will be getting one very soon, a .223 with a 6.5 G conversion, if you know of anyone with the 6.5 G conversion they want to sell now with an 18.6 barrel let me know. I am prior military, Infantry, 1986. Currently living in Nebraska, married no kids, planning on moving next year. Pissed that butt---k biden was able to cheat his way in and gearing up just in case. Getting the Duramags, ammo, and parts stocked up, as well as some other supplies, been working some overtime to pay for the habit and getting a little bit of refresher training going with 88 tactical for the wife and I to brush up on the skills. Guess that's about it for now. Everybody have a safe and happy Christmas, and GOD bless. Tango 9 out.

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    Now is not the time to be stocking up on anything IMO, I'd wait it out. Worst case, buy only what you need, but it's still a hot sellers market right now.
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