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Thread: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

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    Re: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

    I have some Tapcos and have never had an issue with them, but then again I have never had a failure with the AK.They fit a little tighter than the rest, but I kind of like that
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    Re: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

    I have a couple tapcos they seem to work well until your steel recover wears on the piece of plastic that holds the mag into the rifle. If you can get them for $10 its not a bad buy just don't expect them to last forever. Both of mine still work but one will drop if its bumped just right especially when its fully loaded.
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    Re: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

    Has anyone tried the AK mags that LCJwholesale has?


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    Re: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

    If they are the same bulgarian mfg that Aim sells (for $9/ mag btw)....then IME, they are marginal. I had to grind/sand them to fit my Dracos correctly. They have the plastic follower....but are otherwise unmarked. Hard to say if these are the same ones.
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    Re: Tapco AK Mags....good or garbage?

    Quote Originally Posted by dont_tread_on_me View Post
    Regular surplus mags are as good as anything out there,especially if they are as new and never issued.The AK achieved it's legendary reliability from those magazines so you don't need someone reinventing the wheel.Obviously you should do your own testing to make sure what you get is functioning correctly but as a general rule even the crudest looking AK mags just plain work.
    Well said.

    I am not an AK expert. While it is true that the AK mag is one reason why the AK is so reliable, it is not the only reason. The AK has a lot of gas pressure to cycle the weapon and has generous tolerances so that the weapon can function with a lot of dirt, debris, fouling in the receiver.

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