"Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"
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Thread: "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"

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    "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"



    YORK SPRINGS, Pa. (AP) — Authorities are identifying the woman shot to death inside a central Pennsylvania gun shop.

    State police say 61-year-old Beverly Dively Klepic, of Harrisburg, was shot Sunday afternoon at Miller's Munitions outside York Springs.

    Police say a male relative was handling a loaded 9 mm pistol when it discharged and struck Klepic. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

    WHP-TV says (http://bit.ly/o7QH2r ) the relative is Klepic's husband.

    The shooting remains under investigation. Police say they weren't test-firing the handgun at the time.

    Investigators say an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, and there's been no ruling on the cause or manner of her death.

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    Re: "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"

    Fuking human error is a bitch! What a waste, she was so close to passing go and collecting 200 dollars!

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    Re: "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"

    Sounds like a lane accident?
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    Re: "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"

    According to the article they were not test firing the pistol.

    This is likely a result of "I forgot to check the pipe".
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    Re: "Woman fatally shot at Pa. gun shop"

    Gun shop worker, "Here (draws pistol and drops mag), take a look at this, it's what I carry."

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