Saiga 12 vs Benelli M1014
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Thread: Saiga 12 vs Benelli M1014

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    Saiga 12 vs Benelli M1014

    I'm just curious how those 2 semi-auto shotguns compare? Would the M1014 most likely be more reliable than the Saiga? I know the Saiga is hard to load a full magazine in the closed bolt position. How do the 2 compare in terms of service life?

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    Re: Saiga 12 vs Benelli M1014

    I modified my 12gage Siaga safety by cutting out a "bolt holdopen." It makes it easy to lock in my drum/mag and all I do is "slap" the safety down to go hot. Twenty rounds of mix will definetly make someones day........
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    Re: Saiga 12 vs Benelli M1014

    They really are 2 different classes of guns when you are talking about mag fed vs. tube fed. From the Saiga's I have seen, if they are built properly they run fairly well and reliable. The only issues I have ever seen with any Benelli is running light loads in the Super Black Eagle and not cycling. I believe that the operating system on the 1014 is different though. From the aftermarket standpoint there is more support for the M2 than the 1014. Personally, I want a Benelli but there are other things that I would rather have first. I am in the process of building a SBS Saiga though.
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