Which caliber will be right ?
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Thread: Which caliber will be right ?

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    Which caliber will be right ?

    I have a question for all the members of this forum.I own my own XCR 5.56 and love it even with a few flaws.My question is, I do a lot of target shooting,of the three calibers which will be best for my purposes ? And if this will help I am a reloder.Thank's Mike

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    Re: Which caliber will be right ?

    nothing wrong with 5.56, it's cheap and components for reloading are numerous.

    7.62x39 will be cheap to shoot after you buy the mags but as far as accuracy I couldn't say as my only experience has been through the AK platform. I've heard the AR's in this caliber didn't shoot too bad.

    6.8 and 6.5 are more cost restrictive compared to the others, but reloading makes up for a lot of that cost.

    In my humble opinion of course, 5.56 would be the way to go for now.
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    Re: Which caliber will be right ?

    I would agree that if you mostly do target shooting 5.56 will be your best bet. The 6.8 has a good little muzzle report, may wear someone out after a couple hundred rounds in a day.
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    Re: Which caliber will be right ?

    5.56/.223. It is cheap to reload and can be very accurate. Just ask David Tubb.
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