Can someone school me on Del Ton?
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Thread: Can someone school me on Del Ton?

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    Can someone school me on Del Ton?

    I have a buddy at shot and apparently Del Ton is running a shot special. 50.00 for their lowers, and 270 for a chromoly upper, 300 for a chrome lined upper. The uppers come complete with bolt and charging handle. the lowers need a FCG, grip, etc....

    I don't know much about Del Ton. Is this a good deal. I had him pick me up a lower and upper(chrome lined), my other buddy bought 3 of each. I figure for about 450-500 I can make a decent little carbine out of it!

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    Re: Can someone school me on Del Ton?

    I've ordered tons of stuff from Del-Ton. They've always been good to go in my experience.
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    Re: Can someone school me on Del Ton?

    ...I'm thinkin' you just hit a screamin deal Rob.
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    Re: Can someone school me on Del Ton?

    Ok deal. If you google for "AR build kit" you'll find an outfit that sells m4gery kit for about the same sans stripped lower. Palmetto State sells their stripped lowers for 50 frequently.

    As for Del Ton, in general, I gather they are gtg but skimp on finish to keep costs and prices low. Think Hyundai vs Ferrari (LWRC or Noveske).
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