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Thread: Grip nut question.

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    Re: Grip nut question.

    Quote Originally Posted by dont_tread_on_me View Post
    I'm pretty sure the threads are [b]1/4 20 and the length is somewhere around 1 1/4 inches.Make sure the replacement screw is close to the original because it will interfere with the safety/trigger if not.It is NOT the same as AR thread pitch.
    Thank you. I will go get one.

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    Re: Grip nut question.

    Pulled screw out of XCR. SN XL003XX. Early rifle.

    Is 1/4-20. Not a standard AR screw. Threaded section is 1.00", and 5/32 hex.


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    Re: Grip nut question.

    It is not a standard AR screw. Thread pitch is different.

    You may need a different length screw to get good engagement with the receiver also, depending on what grip you're installing.

    I posted about a while back with pics and all, and if the search was working I'd throw a link up.

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