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    getting parts

    Anyone having problems getting parts for they're XCRs? I need a gas valve .556(it blew out the front) because I had it in the wrong position. I emailed but no answer, phone call gave me a message to email them. Anywhere else to get parts?

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    welcome to the forum =]]

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    Contact Kermit Zahn. He's got much better ability to get things out of RA than anyone else around at this point.

    Kermit Zahm
    Wild Thang Farms please (Not Wild T
    hangs Firearms…common error ! )
    3150 Fuller Road
    Emmett, Idaho 83617
    208-869-1616 (cell)
    email: [email protected]

    He's got a thread running in the Trading Post here:

    His login name on this forum is Gramps96Kz.
    - Tom Aiello
    [email protected]

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    Also, honestly, your time might be just as well spent looking for your old one than trying to get a new one............right now at least.
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    Carpenter is probably right....time to go buy a magnetic sweeper and roll it around wherever you lost it.
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    Carpenter and Sean K are correct. IIRC, Kermit said RA is focusing efforts are filling full rifle orders. Parts and parts kits are not a priority right now so you'd be in for a very long wait. Those waiting for full rifles know it is already a long wait. *hint*
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    You can also downgrade to the old block and piston if you're desperate.

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    Approximately 2-3 months before parts are available........................... and we know how that goes too.

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