FINALLY,got a xcr-l
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Thread: FINALLY,got a xcr-l

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    FINALLY,got a xcr-l


    It took 6 years of looking but just got it here today,and I must say it is great .I never even held one before so I am very happy with rifle.
    Okay my first impression is this is a solid ass rifle.I had to get it with a heavy 1 to 9 barrel,I wanted a 1 to 7 but at this point I'll take what I can get everything is up to date with rifle.
    The rifles are not cheap they cost some money,1850 for a rifle is not cheap now add on sites sling etc it adds up.
    After seeing rifle and reading the book that came with it,I think the tighting everything and problems with it are way over blowed,it is very simple design,easy to take apart also maybe the newer rifles come like this but everything is on rock solid no lose anything,now I've not shot it yet just got it and going throught getting use to it which a lot easier than I thought it would be.The weight of it even with my heavy barrel is lighter than my ar carbin,for some reason it feels much lighter,love the stock and I put some troy micro's on it VFG and a viking tac sling.I got all of these things from Kermit,who by the way is a great guy and helps greatly with the rifle.So far I am a happy camper

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    Congrats! Shoot and enjoy.

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    Congrats! the sickness begins !!!
    When Mad Max comes... I'll be waiting !!!

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    Congrats man, now ya just got to find some ammo to throw pills down range.
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