He never saw it comin'.... (hunting mishaps (funny/worksafe))
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Thread: He never saw it comin'.... (hunting mishaps (funny/worksafe))

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    He never saw it comin'.... (hunting mishaps (funny/worksafe))

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    You gotta be kidding me he missed TWICE!!!

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    He missed by SEVERAL FEET twice. Idiot shouldn't be hunting. Unless he was hunting wabbits.

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    it occurred to me that this could be a setup......but....if it's not....it's really really funny...
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    maybe a toilet paper tube would of helped, it sure wouldn't of hurt.
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    Buck fever?

    Rifle scope never sighted in, or dropped and not re-sighted in?

    That was one beautiful, and very lucky stag.

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    That was my first inclination too - two rounds moderately close together but far off the mark typically is a scope problem.

    A guy here loaned his rifle out to a buddy for deer season. When the buddy was done, and giving the rifle back, he gave a few rapid, random twists to the elevation and windage dials before handing it over.

    I'd have bitch-slapped the kid myself.

    ETA: you should have seen my face when my shots were low-left. When I tried to measure, it was like over 2 feet low and 2 feet left AT 25 YARDS. The ACOG crapped the bed, my guess is that one spring - leaving at least one other - came off the erector assembly.
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    Several things come to mind. Mighty hot for hunting season, except maybe down down South. Maybe he was shooting from an elevated position, many people misjudge distance and hold over when shooting from an elevated position, especially in open country. I once missed a buck, 3x's, I was at a very steep incline and had misjudged the distance by at least a 100 yards. I put three shots right over his spine in short order with out even a nick. I trailed him for about 45 minutes and then put him down with one shot.

    It almost looks like a set up, except the second shot. The other possibility is a screwed up scope or buck fever.
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    The first shot was at a rabbit. Couldn't see anything on the second shot. Both shots were to the left of the deer. They were deliberet missis on the deer.

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    My guess is, its a couple weeks before the season opens.
    When Mad Max comes... I'll be waiting !!!

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