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    Thanks for posting on this. I need to look into it. Don't have the money right now unfortunately and I can see "health care" only getting worse so now's a damn good time to get this kind of thing done.
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    I ordered another couple of pairs of glasses and will revisit it in a couple of years when they think they'll do my eyes at the same prescription. Plus the technology is constantly improving so who knows how good it may be then.
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    Im finally able to get my eyes done! TMinus 20 days! Thankfully since getting fulltime, my benefits allows a large amount of flex spending, which is good because its about 4$K all done, and my firearm hobby ties up my extra spending money.

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    As a side note, the wife and I stopped in Cabelas while in Boise. I almost screamed out loud, the ELMER KEITH MUSEUM IS GONE! The family came last week and took everything. The employee at Cabela's told me Cabelas made an offer to buy the whole thing and the family (that most likely means Ted), turned them down. Another friend told me he heard thought the grape vine, the guns are already been sold. Luckily, I had been once before, but I was really going to study up those guns intensely this time. I hope they resurface, but what a sad day--I loved that little Museum. It was awesome to look at all the guns he wrote about all those years, especially the Keith No. 5.
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