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Thread: XCR PDW Stock

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    XCR PDW Stock

    AAC just posted this photo on their FB page. Any idea who makes the stock or conversion plate?

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    That appears to be the RA adapter. I've got one if you're in the market.

    They've got another adapter that takes AR tubes that may require an endplate but based on the lines on that adapter I'm going to say it's their original fixed m4.

    Looking closer at the pic, it would appear that stock has an end plate. The RA adapter for the end plates sits the tube a little higher so I'm not sure if the stock rods would clear the upper.
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    I can also tell you that it's one of the Gr8Santini's guns.

    That guy knows how to spec a blaster. All his stuff is tits.
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    Thought that looked familiar. Pretty sure it's the original RA adapter.

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    I think the stock is a Loki PDW stock, but I don't think the company exists anymore ore they were bought out. I believe it attaches to the RA adapter, as Nate stated above.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. That is my XCR. I bought it all from NavalBeaver, except the stock. It is an RA fixed adapter.
    The stock is a Nordic Components CRS (Compact Retractable Stock). They haven't been made for a few years and are hard to find. Here's a thread on the gun that I started about a year ago. Had some bickering in it about cheek weld.


    Here's a picture of it with a FAST stock. I hope this will appease the cheekweld zealots.

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    I wasn't in on the original conversation, just because it didn't apply to me.
    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm pretty easy to appease - especially when it's someone else's weapon.
    And I'm appeased now too!
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    Seemed overly thin skinned that everyone didn't drool over it. All I said was....it looked cool (and it was drool worthy as it was) but was less functional in terms of the cheek weld. It appears you agreed or you would never have bothered putting a FAST on it. But whatever....it's your gun, not mine.
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