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Thread: Copying "Perfection"?

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    Copying "Perfection"?

    Leaked: Next Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0, More Like Glock 19 2.0

    Rumor has it that Smith & Wesson is about to add a new model M&P 2.0 to their catalog and it looks a whole lot like a Glock 19. While the Glock 19 is the most successful pistol made by Glock, few companies have tried to directly imitate the proven design.

    For years the only way for other companies to compete with Glock was to differentiate from Glock’s models. This means that these alternatives simply don’t have the Glock 19’s basic appeal.

    The Glock 19 really is an all-purpose handgun. It has a barrel long enough for duty combined with a grip that’s large enough for decent magazine capacity. The sight radius is also long enough for self-defense even at larger distances.

    It’s also small enough to conceal with most clothes. It is the perfect size for just about everyone and everything.

    The Glock 19, chambered for 9mm Luger, has a 4-inch barrel and a standard capacity of 15+1 rounds. The rumored M&P 2.0, chambered for 9mm, has a 4-inch barrel and standard capacity of 15+1. It’s also “the perfect size.”

    Today just about every major service pistol manufacturer makes polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns, but the bulk of Glock’s competition make guns that are either larger or smaller than the Glock 19.

    To be clear, “the perfect size” also means it doesn’t excel at anything. Sure, a longer barrel would give you a longer sight radius for precision shooting, and larger magazines are always better — no one ever wished for less ammunition.

    But these things make guns heavier, less portable and harder to conceal. There are plenty of guns smaller than the Glock 19, but they make some pretty big concessions.

    Subcompacts have small sight pictures, more recoil and often don’t offer a full-hand grip. Rarely can they provide the same capacity without extended magazines, and those tend to be full-size mags that in turn, make the guns hard to conceal.

    Smith & Wesson is one of the few companies to acknowledge this, and it’s about time. So why get the M&P 2.0 over the Glock 19, even the new and improved Gen5?

    For the same reasons people bought Smith & Wesson pistols before. The M&P 2.0 product line has a lot of consumer-oriented features.

    See Also: The M&P 2.0: Making a Great Pistol Greater–Full Review

    The M&P 2.0 frame is very ergonomic with a deep beavertail for a high-up grip, large palm swells, and four true interchangeable backstraps.

    At the heart of the M&P 2.0 is its improved trigger. The trigger is lighter with a smooth takeup, clean break and positive, audible and tactile reset.

    The controls are ambidextrous and the slide has rear and forward slide serrations. And it, of course, features a full-length rail for lights and other accessories.

    The M&P 2.0 is offered in 9mm and .40 S&W, with and without a manual thumb safety. In .40 S&W the compact still has a decent capacity of 13+1 rounds of ammunition. It can use full-size mags, too, with included sleeves for a complete grip.

    If these rumors are true then Smith & Wesson will have truly copied Glock. And that’s a good thing.

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    No thanks....after the way S&W handled their rebate FIASCO, I won't likely buy anything from them again.

    As for this Glock's probably less Glock like than the Sigma which was a total rip off mechanically.

    From the pics....looks to still have the uncomfortable grip and that crappy trigger from the "Performance Center" is still shit.

    Looks like they've at least tightened up the gap in the frame, which besides shrinking their "fullsize" 4.25" model gun to 4" and dropping capacity to 15 rounds is all they've done to make it a "Glock".
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    I'm not a huge glock fan. I appreciate what it is and what it can do but I've never enjoyed with them. The 19 hit a lot of the check boxes with one design. It's not really good at any one thing but it does a lot of things really well. Smith just made a 2.0 to 19 dimensions. Took them long enough.

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    It was only a matter of time that S&W would release a compact. All 2.0 M&Ps have that metal insert in the dust cover to stiffen things up front (and probably reduce gap too). Grip angle is still 1911-esque. Texture is different from 1.0 I think. That old school curved jointed trigger shoe is still no bueno. They kept the one thing that needed changing the most. Drop in Apex's polymer shoe, that alone makes night and day difference.
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