My New XCR-L Pistol
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Thread: My New XCR-L Pistol

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    My New XCR-L Pistol

    Here is my new XCR-L pistol in FDE. Took it to the range an put about 250 rounds through it. It came with a unknown brand of polymer sights which I had a hard time zeroing in fact I couldn’t zero them. I think I might have to switch them out. The MRO zeroed just fine. I’m happy with my purchase.

    Thanks to NavalBeaver.
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    Think they're fab defense.

    Not enough range of adjustment or just poor grouping? Can you cowitness the sights with the MRO?

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    It could be just me. I gave up after about 50 rounds. I didn't try to cowitness. Next time I will try.
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    FYI back when I got my L it came with MI BUIS and myself and others had to file/cut some of the threads off the bottom of the front sight post to get it to zero.

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    Beautiful, according to Holly mine is 2 weeks out, getting excited!
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    I really want an XCR-L pistol!!! In FDE... I have an SBR lower... Anyway, hope you have a lot of fun. As far as BUIS I went w/the Troy Micros. I know a bit pricey but they keep their zero have them co-witness to a Vortex Strikefire. Thank you for sharing!!!!
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